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Gilly :icongillyperkygoth: and I submitted our story to Smut Peddler AND IT WAS ACCEPTED!!  We are so excited to get to tell this story!  I’m so in love with our boys!!

For those of you who don’t know, Smut Peddler is a sex-positive, female-friendly anthology of erotic comics.  For women, by women!  If you haven’t seen it before and are interested in buying last year's comic… go here!!  
You can find these on sale at   :)   

... I'm not joking.  
I'll be at SDCC July 17 - 21 to sell prints and my Tree Toppers.  Joining me will be CinsAngel/Cindy Kinnard and Small-Builder/Marta Da Costa.  

Come by our booth and check out the nerdy fun!!  
I'm making my Castiel tree-toppers to sell online and at San Diego Comic Con.  

Are there any other angels that you'd like to see?   Doesn't have to necessarily be angels... just anyone you'd like to see sitting on your shelf or on top of your Christmas tree.  :)  

Drop me any suggestions!  Thanks!


All it takes is one Random Act of Kindness. Most of my friends do this on a regular basis anyway, all you have to do is pledge to commit a Random Act of Kindness before the end of 2012. If we do this, we can break a Guinness World Record! Go to the link below and sign up... it's JUST... THAT... EASY!!!…

and put in my email address ( for the referrer!

... and Pass it on... because we can all use more Random Acts of Kindness.
San Diego comic con is one of my all time favorite things EVER!  It's like my big geeky family reunion.  Sure I want to see panels and cruise the dealer's room, but ultimately it's about hugs from Seth and Sammy, cosplaying with Cindy, selling t-shirts with Marta, seeing a play with Greg, sexy sammiches with Steve and Robin, seeing those friends I only see this ONE time a year and meeting new friends I've never met before.

The laughter is non-stop no matter how high the stress is.  I'm always sad when it's over and everyone has gone home.

If you're going to be at comic con, hit me up!  If I'm not sitting in line for hours trying to get in to see Firefly, I'll be at Stupid Puppyhead 4419 in the dealer's room.
I'm reminded again that my aggressive outlook on life and grab the bull by the horns attitude may have scared away a few artists.

This happens a lot, actually.  What is a bonus to my entertainment career is a hindrance to my artistic career.

I wish it didn't.  I love meeting new artists and sharing/learning things.  So seriously, don't be shy or scared.  I'm loud, I'm tall, I'm sassy... but I'm funny and smart too.  Sorry if I scared anyone.  Let's all sit in a circle and draw like the old days!!
TAKING COMMISSIONS!! I'm opening 5 spots. Get em while they're hot!

Sketch (pencils only) - $20
Inked - $30
Inked & Colored (digital coloring) - $50
Inked & Colored (by hand) - $50
Additional Characters - +$15 ea
Additional Complexity (pose, background, etc.)- +$20

Drop me a note if you're interested!!!
I'm going to be opening up a few commissions in the next few weeks (Car registration is due!!).  So think about what you want me to draw as your slave art monkey!!
As I look back and find (and upload) images I did in the late 90's, I realize I really haven't grown much as an artist.  I rarely push myself and for a long time, I didn't pick up a pencil at all.  

I've done this before and it took the amazing show "Gargoyles" to pull me out of my funk.  It's still a driving force in my artwork.  Of course, Harry Potter did the same for me.  Now here I am again, picking up a pencil and giving it another go.  I can thank "The Dresden Files" this time around.  Hopefully, this time, it will stick.  

I'm hoping this time I push myself, test myself, try harder to become a better artist, instead of just scribbling out the same sort of stuff.  I'm also working my book about Eve, and that is inspiring me as well.  

Keep cracking the whip, folks.  I need the encouragement and the push!
Sketch (pencils only) - $25
Inked - $35
Inked & Colored (digital coloring) - $50
Inked & Colored (by hand) - $55
Additional Characters - +$15 ea
Additional Complexity (pose, background, etc.)- +$20

Paying a speeding ticket + traffic school + my car insurance has really screwed up my very delicate budget.

So... I was thinking of maybe taking some art commissions.

Now, I usually don't LIKE to take art commissions, because my muse is a FICKLE BITCH, but I'm sorta desperate now.


Would anyone be interested?
How much should I charge for a sketch/inked/fullcolor?
How much for extra characters?


Home from San Diego Comic Con.  Had a great time and saw a lot of really great art.  

My Captain Hammer costume was a blast!  I'm so glad my friend Cindy joined me as Dr. Horrible.

I'm really in the mood to draw now, and really push myself to get my voice acting demo done.  Here's hoping both sensations last!!

Time for bed now!
Sorry I've been such a slacker (I think most of my journals here are all about me not posting enough... sorry!)

I've been SUPER busy working on The Spectacular Spider-man (Saturday mornings on Kids WB! on the CW for those who can catch it!).  Don't get too excited, I'm not doing anything artsy.  :)

Hopefully, I'll have more to tease you with soon as I work on a special project with a few of my friends.  (If I can beat my muse into submission)

Catch ya later!
  • Listening to: Spectacular Spider-man theme song
  • Watching: An episode YOU haven't seen yet. :)
  • Drinking: Water... lots of water
I updated...  behold!  

Barely, but at least it was something.  I'll post a few more to sketches tomorrow.
My subscription ran out!   I forgot how painful this site is without it.  Now I have to see if I can scrape up the money to resubscribe.  Not easy to do when you've just moved/had surgery/got a divorce/etc.


Like Gilda Radner said...  "it's always something".